Suguru Namura
CTO, Mercari
Suguru Namura is the Chief Technology Officer of JP Mercari. After working as a contract developer, he joined CyberAgent in 2004, where he was in charge of developing various new business projects related to media and online video games. He joined Mercari in 2016, and transferred to the US to develop Mercari’s US service. In April 2017, he became JP Mercari’s CTO.
Dr. Mok Oh
CTO, Mercari US
Dr. Mok Oh is the Chief Technology Officer of US Mercari. He has been in the tech industry for over 20 years with wide- and deep-ranging experiences – from initial research to execution, from startups to large enterprises.Previously, he was the Corporate Vice President at Samsung Electronics in Suwon, Korea; Chief Scientist at PayPal; Cofounder and CEO of Moju Labs; Entrepreneur in Residence at North Bridge Venture Capital; CIO at Where, Inc; and Founder of EveryScape. Mok holds 12 patents, a Ph.D. from MIT, an M.S. from University of Pennsylvania, and two BA degrees (Computer Science and Art History) from Oberlin College.
Keisuke Sogawa
CTO, Merpay
Keisuke Sogawa is a Director of Merpay. He was selected as part of the MITOU Youth program in 2010. In 2011, he completed his studies at the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University, and went on to launch WebPay at FluxFlex in Silicon Valley. As the Chief Technology Officer of WebPay, he developed the service infrastructure for credit card payment services. He also worked on the LINE Pay business as part of the LINE Group. He has been at his current position at Merpay since November 2017.