Kenji Sugiki
Software Engineer (Search)
Kenji Sugiki has 8 years of experience in both large companies and startups working on data science and the development of services that make use of large-scale data processing and machine learning. He joined Mercari in 2017 and is responsible for backend engineering including search, recommendations, and API implementation. During his time in university, he carried out research into natural language processing and information retrieval. He has a PhD in information science.
Yanpeng Lin
Software Engineer (Search)
Majored computing science at Kobe University, Graduate school of informatics. Joined Rakuten from 2013 to 2015 focused on Rakuten ICHIBA ranking system development. After that, joined MonotaRO as a machine learning engineer committed on improving search quality and recommender systems. Now at Mercari, scratching search LtR system and models.